Prem by Snatam Kaur

Prem by Snatam Kaur


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Chants from The Sacred Writing of the Sikhs to experience love.
Prem translates as Love and this is the energy that is carrying you from the first moment on like a warm wave of joy. Prem was Snatam Kaur’s first album and marked the beginning of her extraordinary carreer as a milestone of her outstanding talent.
Snatam Kaur’s album Prem is carried by her warm and wonderful voice which fascinates lots of listeners worldwide and is the guiding light on all of her CD’s. From the six tracks of this album, the title “Aadays Tisai Aadays” was initially played at the White Tantra Yoga course and at the European Yoga Festival an was offered for the first time in Europe through us. Within 24 hours, Prem became one of the best selling albums ever and remains so until today! Snatam Kaur’s debut album is universal, as beautiful as a sweet dream, timeless and a brightly shining jewel of spiritual music.