Zafu Meditation Pillow Embroidered - Yoga Meditation Cushion Cotton

Round Embroidered Cotton Meditation Zafu



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Product Description

You can choose from the blooming lotus flower or the inspiring OM symbol. Both pillows come beautifully embroidered with yoga symbols on the top center of the pillow. Colors include a vibrant orange or a subtler black, green, red or purple.
The 100% twill cotton cover is very durable. When you are ready to wash it, look for a hidden zipper for removal. It is that easy!
This cotton Zafu meditation pillow is filled with a generous three inches of natural cotton stuffing. The inner batting, which is securely enclosed in a natural cotton casing, is packed densely enough to provide solid support, but soft enough to still offer just the right amount of comfort. The round shape is traditional, but this embroidered design is contemporary, and any of these pillows will add style to your meditation room or corner!